Pre-Payment Options

Pre-Payment Options

Please take advantage of the opportunity to pre-pay your student's meal account.  Pre-paid meal accounts help the lunch lines go faster and gives students more time to eat, relax, and play.  It also gives you peace of mind, no more worrying about looking for lunch money every day or worrying that it might get lost, stolen, or used for something other than lunch.  Think of your student's lunch account like a debit card; funds should be loaded prior to lunch time.
Pre-Payment options include:

  • Online
  • Check
  • Cash
  • Check or Cash

    You can always bring money personally or send it with your student.  Please place it in an envelope marked clearly with your student's name, their ID number, their teacher's name, the amount included, and the check number, if applicable. Turn in pre-paid deposits at the cafeteria or school office.

    Online Payments

    Online payments are a simple, safe, and secure way to make payments on your student's account 24-hours a day, at your convenience.

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